Beauty Salon Training Center 

Since 2012, Zephaniah Education center provides the girls with a six-month beauty program. The course consists of makeup techniques in Bridal, Special occasions, hair styling, henna, nail art, and a variety of facials. As of today, 160 girls have been able to benefit from this program, and are now working in salons.

Stitching Course

A six-month stitching course is also provided to the girls. During the classes, they learn to stitch of dresses for males, females and children. After becoming tailors they sew clothes for a trade and can afford to save and provide for their family.

Computer Courses

Computer courses are provided to women whose restrict TV in their homes. The course consists of computer skills like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and surfing the internet, and at times are given a research assignment. We allow access to the internet to liberate their minds and acknowledge the benefits of using the internet.

School/ Academy

We currently have our students trying to learn in an open yard. Our school has been here for 17 years and we have taught over 600 girls. Some of them are nurses, teachers, and some are going to join the Pak Army and Police Department. Since their education many girls have been healthier and educated mothers.

 Art Classes

The Executive Director Malee Kenworthy provides the students with art classes via Skype. Every Thursday the students learn about color theory, mixing combinations, and shapes. One of the girls who learned many valuable skills is now hosting her own art lessons to the children in her neighborhood.

 Self Defense Techniques

Self-defense techniques to our girls because our society constantly tells our women they are weak and useless.  We want our girls to know they strong and can protect themselves from any harm. We want to end violence against women.


At Zeph Education we have a small library where women read books on different subjects, especially ones related to women’s issues. By reading an hour a day the women learn about their civil rights, healthcare and how to live a healthy abuse free lifestyle.


We know much of the world’s knowledge is preserved in the English language and that business is transacted in English, so we teach it as a subject. Many of our online classes are taught in English so its very important that our women learn the language. The students go over basic grammer, and sentence structure depending on their levels.

 Technical Courses for men

In collaboration with the IKAN Technical Training institute, we provide technical training to the men in our community as well.  We do not want them sitting idle without jobs and perpetuating the cycle of poverty that pains our community.

 General Knowledge Class

We have a class that specifically teaches general knowledge, in which Sister Zeph and our friend, and volunteer Saterra Gibbon teach our girls online all the way from United States of America.

 Health Awareness Program

We provide health awareness to our girls and women, so that they can learn to be healthy and understand the human body. Our friend and national award winner, Urmila Chanam,  is working on women’s health all over the world and teaches the girls over Skype.

 Theatrical Performance

We arrange theatrical performances to bring a positive change in the mind of our community members. During the month of December, the girls prepare a Christmas recital. The planning and rehearsals start months before. The families and locals also join and watch their children perform.

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